Solar energy harnesses the sun's energy for a variety of applications including light, hot water and electricity. As a natural energy source, solar energy conserves energy and can cut utility costs. 

In all of our energy conservation projects, we consider if solar technologies would be advantageous to our customers. Enerzine USA works closely with partners on the technology and supplier side, as well as the financial aspect of your energy conservation project. We offer many configurations and technologies to ensure that you are getting the most out of your project. 

With solar technologies continuously evolving and becoming more efficient, you must choose a company that knows the industry thoroughly to receive the best design and implementation for your project. Enerzine USA will work closely with you and consider your needs in helping you achieve your solar energy goals. When viewed as an investment, solar applications are relatively low risk with a high return throughout their lifetime.

Advantages of Solar

  • Reduction in energy bills
  • Offers less reliance on the energy grid
  • Hedges against energy costs, which have been rising steadily 3-5% every year
  • Increasing efficiency makes solar practical for anyone
  • Enables you to produce your own energy
  • Solar is environmentally friendly and reduces the carbon imprint
  • Enables you to sell excess energy back to the grid
  • Best of all, it saves you money!


Types of Solar Energy

  • Photovoltaic Systems 
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Solar Electricity 
  • Passive Solar Heating and Day Lighting 
  • Solar Process Space Heating and Cooling