Lighting Efficiency Upgrade

Lighting is one of the largest contributors of a facility's energy usage. Controlling your lighting is an easy way to cut costs and reduce your environmental impact.  By analyzing a facility's current lighting system, Enerzine USA can identify your lighting inefficiencies and recommend a money saving solution.  While we utilize a variety of solutions to lower a facility's energy usage, we acknowledge the advantages of LED over dated lighting systems of the past. Here's why: 

Benefits of LED Lighting


More Efficient 

  • Uses 50-90% less energy than fluorescent and incandescent lighting 
  • Emits nearly zero heat which saves on cooling costs 

Better Quality of Light 

  • Each LED is inspected thoroughly to ensure color consistency 
  • Has a greater spectrum of light 
  • Emits zero UV rays which causes colors to fade
  • Color Rendering is better than Fluorescent 

Reduces Maintenance Costs 

  • LED is extremely durable and can withstand abuse and vibration that other lighting systems cannot 
  • Unlike fluorescents, LED can be turned on and off without diminishing its rated lifetime
  • Sealed to prevent infiltration from water and dust 

Applicable to Nearly Every Application 

  • Advancement in technology now provides an LED alternative to nearly every application
  • Most LED fixtures simply swap out the existing lamp and use the same wiring 

Safe Environment 

  • LED contains zero mercury, lead or phosphors 
  • You no longer need to worry about disposing of the fluorescent lights 
  • Consumes less energy, which reduces the carbon footprint 

Save Money 

  • All of these benefits add up to savings of up to 90% on your lighting energy bill
  • Maintenance costs are eliminated 
  • Allows your company to focus on its operations and frees up capital to expand business